Open Source

All projects listed on this page are open source.

Qactive builds on Reactive Extension's queryable observable providers, enabling you to write elegant reactive queries in LINQ that execute server-side, even though they are written on the client.

White Tie is a NuGet Package that extends your Visual Studio projects to make building, generating documentation, generating a NuGet package and deploying your open source software much easier.

Switches between Visual Studio settings automatically when a solution is opened. Also switches or exports settings at the click of a button.

LINQ to OWIN is middleware that allows you to code your Katana/OWIN web applications as a set of reactive queries using Rx (Reactive Extensions) for .NET.

DocProject drives the Sandcastle help generation tools using the power of Visual Studio 2005/2008 and MSBuild. DocProject provides a new type of documentation project with seamless integration in Visual Studio.


Rxx is a library of unofficial LINQ extensions and types supplementary to Reactive Extensions (Rx) for .NET. Rxx offers a wide range of features targeting multiple platforms and scenarios.

Labs Framework enables you to create and manage experiments in C#, Visual Basic and F# during everyday software development using the .NET Framework across multiple platforms.

A stand-alone HTML5 page that displays your Windows RSS Platform feeds right on your home page in Internet Explorer.

Originally, RubyFeed was available for download directly from my website. I blogged about it here.

Auto-Input Protection is a highly extensible ASP.NET web control that provides CAPTCHA protection for your blogs, forums, wikis and websites.