February 07, 2007

Downtime: Blog From Microsoft Word

It seems possible now to blog in Community Server from within Microsoft Office Word 2007, and that's awesome.

I was considering writing a program to make blogging easier; to get away from the tiny little text box that Community Server provides for me, the really annoying problems associated with undo/redo and browser editing in general.  I've been writing my blog posts in Visual Studio and pasting them into CS.  It's such a pain that I've actually avoided blogging about some topics that I wanted to blog about due to procrastination.  Thankfully, blogging will be much easier in the future, maybe...

The Whirl I Gave It

So, I tried to connect to CS from Word and it didn't work.  I think it's because I'm using an older version of CS.  Supposedly, there should be a metablog.ashx  file on the root, or somewhere on my site, but I just can't find it anywhere.


The entire website, davesexton.com, including my blog, will be down temporarily.  Probably within the next day or so.

I'm going to try installing the latest version of CS and see if that doesn't fix the problem.  The blog will be down for however long it takes to uninstall and reinstall CS, configure it, repost all of my existing posts and re-upload all of my C# code snippets and software (I don't have access to the DB or file system so I'll have to redo everything from scratch).  Needless to say, it might be down for a day or two if I start on a weekday since I still have a lot of work to do for my client.  It might be down even longer if I run into some unforeseen issues, but I'll try my best to mitigate problems and get this thing running.  If any of the aforementioned procedures fail, I just may roll back to the earlier version of CS (if possible), which I know works.