July 06, 2007

DocSites Online

I was browsing the web the other day looking for community feedback on DocProject and I was pleased to come across two public websites that use DocSite templates to provide public API documentation over the web.

XML Library API

The first DocSite that I found is at http://www.xmllab.net/mvpxml. It was created by Microsoft MVPs in XML technologies for their XML Library API on CodePlex. Nice work guys :)

Full Motion Racing

I stumbled across another DocSite at http://lfs.fullmotionracing.com/ for a project called, LFSLib.NET - A Live For Speed InSim/OutSim/OutGauge API. More information about the project can be found at the author's blog: http://www.claassen.net/geek/blog/.  The latest post even mentions DocProject: LFSLib.NET 0.13b released.  Thanks!


If anyone else has a public DocSite that they'd like to share with me please let me know :)

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