February 07, 2007

Windows Vista Keyboard Shortcuts

I just installed Windows Vista on my main PC and I was wondering if there was an easy way to have the Windows Sidebar pop-up over any maximized windows, just in case I need to quickly find out the temperature or play that amazing puzzle game ;).

There is a Bring Gadgets to Front context menu item on the Sidebar icon in the tasktray, but is there a keyboard shortcut?

I found the answer here: Windows Help and How-to, Keyboard Shortcuts.

Awesome link. It shows some of the well-known shortcuts and a bunch of new ones. BTW, the keyboard shortcut to bring the Gadgets to the front is Windows logo key + SPACEBAR, which also focuses the Sidebar.

The Windows logo key has some other, new functionality in Vista. For instance, Windows logo key + G cycles through the Gadgets (TAB, alone, cycles through the controls in a Gadget once it is focused), Windows logo key + TAB cycles through taskbar programs using Windows Flip 3-D, and CTRL + Windows logo key + TAB cycles through taskbar programs with their live thumbnails, using the arrow keys.


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