June 14, 2008

DocProject 1.11.0 RC Updated

An update was just released for DocProject 1.11.0 RC.  It replaces the existing installer on the Releases page.

For anyone that had previously downloaded DocProject 1.11.0 RC you can download it again if you've experienced any of the following bugs.

Note: Make sure to manually uninstall an existing version of DocProject before installing the new version since the version number was not incremented.  Use the Add or Remove Programs dialog in Control Panel.

Issue 1

Missing root Namespaces node in Topic Explorer.


Documenting only one namespace.


The TopicManager class was only creating the root node if the topic had more than one namespace, but since this behavior is invalid it was removed.

Issue 2

Installing for Everyone and both VS 2005 and 2008 did not work properly; the Add-In would not appear in VS.


The custom action that copies the .AddIn files to the target directories is responsible for updating their content so that they're compatible with the target version of VS.  Since the target directory for both VS 2005 and 2008 is the same when installing for Everyone, one copy of the .AddIn file would replace the other, and even that didn't get updated properly.


Since there's already two separate .AddIn files for each version of VS the version number was hard-coded so that it doesn't have to be updated during the installation.  To fix the problem of one file replacing another, the names of the target .AddIn files now include the 4-digit year of the version of VS to which they apply.

Issue 3

Topic Editor does not handle XML documentation tags properly.  The end tag is always moved to the end of the section, causing the element to wrap all of the content from where it's defined to the end of the section.


The HtmlToXmlConverter class provides a mechanism by which tag names can be replaced but it only applies to the start tag of an element and not its end tag.  This issue was introduced when the HtmlEditor control library was updated for the DocToMaml 1.0 Beta program.

The reason why tag replacement is required in the Topic Editor is that a doc prefix is automatically associated with tag names that are registered in DocProject's configuration file since they are not valid HTML elements; the HtmlEditor control will only support an HTML element or an element that is associated with an XML namespace.  This allows styles to be applied, such as those in the TopicDesigner.css file and causes the control to treat the elements more like XML instead of HTML; e.g., unknown tag names are not automatically changed to upper case.  When converting HTML back into XML the doc prefix must be removed, hence the requirement for the tag replacement mechanism of the HtmlToXmlConverter class.


Tag name replacement now works on both the start and end tags so that the parser can properly close the element at the position where the end tag is found in the source XML.

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