November 20, 2007

DocProject 2008 Beta 2 Released

DocProject 2008 Beta 2 has been deployed to CodePlex.

  • Compatible with Visual Studio 2008 RTM (tested against Team Suite Trial).

  • Compatible with Visual C# 2008 Express and Visual Basic 2008 Express.

  • Supports side-by-side installation with the DocProject 1.9.0 RC for Visual Studio 2005.

  • Built using the same codebase as the 1.9.0 RC, with updates to support Visual Studio 2008, a few subtle changes that will also be included in the 1.10.0 RC, and some bug fixes.

Bug Fixes
  1. Topic Management Error: Value cannot be null
  2. Deleting a comment section does not mark the content item as dirty, so if it's the only change that's made it's not committed when the dialog is closed.
  3. The Cancel and Back buttons cause control validation on the Wizard Form, but they shouldn't.
  4. DocProjectEnvironment.InstallVSExtensions adds the same commands and tool windows to the commands and tool window collections even if they're already present.
  5. DocProject Properties window may be added to the wrong Project command bar, depending upon the environment.
Known Issue

The Build Component Stack configuration options display Load Error messages. This issue is related to a problem in Visual Studio 2008 that has yet to be resolved; however, if you manually add Sandcastle's assemblies to the GAC then you will not experience this issue.

See my blog post about this issue for more information.

Side-By-Side Installation

DocProject 2008 Beta 2 will work side-by-side with DocProject 1.9.0 RC, although you must update new and existing 1.9.0 DocProjects and DocSites so that they use a specific version of the DaveSexton.DocProject assembly.

To ensure that your 1.9.0 RC projects continue to work, follow these steps after installing DocProject 2008 Beta 2:

  1. Open an existing 1.9.0 RC DocProject or DocSite in Visual Studio 2005.
    1. If you need to create a new project instead then continue to the next step after completing DocProject's New Project Wizard.
  2. Expand the References folder in Solution Explorer.
  3. Right-mouse click the DaveSexton.DocProject assembly and select Properties.
  4. Set Specific Version to True. The version number, which is read-only, should automatically change from to
  5. Save the project.
If you do not follow these instructions then you will get an error when you attempt to build the project that states, The specified type is not a valid BuildProcessComponent implementation.

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